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A girl in conflict with herself

February 12th, 2017

July 20th, 2016

(no subject) @ 03:20 pm

This entry wasn't meant to be vaguebooking :) At one point I had replied to a comment on wonderpanther's LJ but because it was my phone it was weird and posted to MY LJ. Then it wouldn't let me delete it. So I just updated the entry to say "sorry" and thought I'd get to deleting it later and then I didn't get to it. So Sorry for being weird and not interesting at all!


March 8th, 2011

(no subject) @ 06:03 pm

I am willing to play the march is question month game. I can do short answers. I've screen questions.

August 3rd, 2010

Awesome 80s @ 01:50 pm

Bored this weekend? Looking for something fun to do? Have NO interest in leaving the city Saturday night?

Kayla is having an Awesome 80's fundraiser at the Big Hunt in Dupont Circle Saturday night at 8pm.
If you pay in advance, its $15, or $20 at the door. She's raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. In October, she's going to go to San Fransisco and run her very first marathon for this amazing cause.

Want to come?

If you're interested just in donating, or reading more about it, go here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/nca/nikesf10/bwiltz

A girl in conflict with herself